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The K.I.S.S. Package

Keep It Super Simple

2 hours at Venue


Custom Ceremony & Choice of Setting

Overnight Honeymoon Stay for Couple

Complimentary Couple’s Toast

Contract For Your Event

Use of Creative Closet for Decorations

List of Preferred Vendors - Officiants- Photographers


“Two Have & Two Hold"

Just the two of us.


Choose one of our intimate Ceremony Settings and create your dreamy wedding experience designed for just the bride and groom. Includes the K.I.S.S. package for 2.

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SAY, “I DO.”


Includes up to 15 Guests and the KISS Package outlined above. Kiddos are included as Guests. Choose your Setting and create your memorable ceremony.


“To The Moon&Back”


Includes the KISS Package for up to 30 Guests. If you need more than two hours to make your memories it’s just an additional $150 per hour.

Kiddos are included as guests.