Events at bright hill


We are inspired by helping people reach their dreams through becoming what we like to call, "Givers". We believe that little things matter most, that kindness matters, and that you should do what ya love, and always be yourself.  To us, hospitality is about creating a personal experience, so we facilitate and host events that help our guests have a blast and make the world a better place.  

Rustic decor with warm yet industrial finishes decorate our space, which can host intimate gatherings . While we curate our own events here from time to time, we also make it available to anyone who also is a "Giver". We’ll work with you to help you make a memory without a hitch.

Our art spaces are bright and airy and we offer a variety of classes at discounted rates for our guests. Classes include painting, diy adventures, Vision Board workshops, and more.  We not only encourage local Artisans to sell their work at Bright Hill we also invite them to share their skills in many different mediums.

If we do have an event on our calendar we always invite our guests to enjoy our porches, whether you are a "Teetotaler"  or a Craft Beer aficionado you can sip and enjoy the fresh air. There is always an open invitation to consider reserving a spot in an upcoming workshop during your stay. It could be just what you need to spark a new adventure for your life. Leave with a new skill, plan, or just have a fun time meeting some pretty amazing people.